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[IMG]mother nature oil.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 60K 
[IMG]unreported terror trump.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 82K 
[IMG]trump ass.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 85K 
[IMG]peanut allergy terrorist trump.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 97K 
[IMG]trump presidental piss.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 120K 
[IMG]april fuel.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 125K 
[IMG]trump big oil new.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 131K 
[IMG]trump saves us.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 152K 
[IMG]bowling green massacre.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 169K 
[IMG]Hillary Trump Julian assange.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 171K 
[IMG]trump earth.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 176K 
[IMG]trump terrorism news.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 188K 
[IMG]trump muslims goring jews.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 191K 
[IMG]Trump learns.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 201K 
[IMG]trump says something inoffensive.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 207K 
[IMG]Trump Monsanto killing field authism.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 217K 
[IMG]trump monsanto.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 217K 
[IMG]pregnant women murder.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 221K 
[IMG]trump truthiness.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 226K 
[IMG]trump mother nature 3.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 234K 
[IMG]trump security advisor russia.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 236K 
[IMG]trump big oil obama.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 248K 
[IMG]trump fossil fuel.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 260K 
[IMG]trump climate change 3.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 270K 
[IMG]trump owned by ultra rich.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 274K 
[IMG]trump mother nature 4.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 319K 
[IMG]million dollars no taxes.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 320K 
[IMG]trump stupid deplorables.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 320K 
[IMG]age of oil 1846.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 325K 
[IMG]kushner meets russians.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 347K 
[IMG]trump climate change.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 350K 
[IMG]how to get rich with Trump.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 373K 
[IMG]trump how to get rich.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 373K 
[IMG]trump homer simpson.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 377K 
[IMG]trump mother nature.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 388K 
[IMG]trump putin kiss.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 389K 
[   ]Fox News host Shepard Smith slams president Trump for evading questions about Russians Hacking the Election and more.pdf2017-10-23 23:15 390K 
[IMG]april fools 2.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 427K 
[IMG]trump climate change 2.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 432K 
[IMG]trump health insurance lost.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 436K 
[IMG]trump mike pence tobacco.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 471K 
[IMG]Trump ultra rich president.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 479K 
[IMG]trump first ultra rich president.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 479K 
[IMG]fake news haters gonna hate.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 499K 
[IMG]trump thinks he knows more than scientists.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 517K 
[IMG]trump einstein global warming.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 521K 
[IMG]trump oil military moon.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 552K 
[IMG]Trump just-us department.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 601K 
[IMG]trump mother nature 2.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 656K 
[IMG]trump terrorism war.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 757K 
[IMG]Arrogance evil.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 817K 
[IMG]hillary trump lies.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 844K 
[IMG]farming fuel vs fossil fuel ultra rich.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 867K 
[IMG]trump putin military syria.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 877K 
[IMG]trump prince charles climate.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 878K 
[IMG]mother nature fucked up.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 889K 
[IMG]trump prepares for war.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 1.9M 
[IMG]killing field trump monsanto 2.jpg2017-10-23 23:15 3.0M 
[IMG]Hulk- Not My President with captions.gif2017-10-23 23:15 28M 

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